Stanley O. West New York, NY 10/05/2013 5 Star

Intense & great horrifying attraction. Every room has it’s own themes ,props are legit! actors played extremely well. I recommend anyone who loves haunted attractions to not miss this one out! I purchased the altered nightmares & hotel of horror combo pack and both were great and worth the price!

Danny M. Pocono Lake, Pa 09/23/2013 5 Star

This is a really good time.  We stumbled upon this a few years ago, until then had no idea we had something like this in our area.  I personally have no issues with the price for the quality, though I will agree they are high for the town, but still worth it.  This is NOT the place for younger kids, please use your best judgement, but for teens and adults to spend a night out, lots of fun.

Jessica W. Matawan, NJ 08/25/2013 5 Star

This is one of the best haunted attractions I have been too. Very scary!! Price is fair and about the same as other attractions. They have a great set up. The museum is also very cool. Lots of cool history. I’ve been here twice and plan to go again. 2013 Review

Again, I had to brace myself to write this review because OMFG you guys.


For those of you following along, this still rings true this year. Hotel of Horror/Altered Nightmares really is the Insanity Wolf of Haunted Attractions.

Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares are 2 haunted houses that are in an old hotel in Saylorsburg, PA. They have the good fortune of having a large space that they can build in all year round. You can expect to see large rooms filled with elaborate sets. One reason why they are far scarier than any other haunted attraction I have ever been to is the fact that the set pieces are not fake-looking. It looks like the entire hotel died and this really grew in it’s place.

People asked me while I was at the ticket booth which one of the two they should do. The answer is BOTH. I can’t not call you a dumbass if you skip one of the attractions. They are both strong and both are can’t miss affairs. $30 gets you both of the attractions. Each attraction feels about 20-30 minutes long. You definitely get what you pay for.

Every single one of the actors in there are the best actors I have ever had the pleasure of being tormented by. They aren’t just good, they are, “you will think about them days later and wonder what their back story is” good. They are, “Oni considers canceling the rest of her haunt tour so she can come here every week” good. If you asked me to point out actors who are on the level of the actors in Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares it would be only a few, but no one nails it like these guys and no one has this level of character development plus insane location.

Both years that we visited there was one person in particular who stood out to us as probably the best scare actor we have ever seen in our travels touring the haunted attraction scene. I referred to him before as “the bloody priest”, but now I know that his name is The Penitent, a masochistic priest who tried to free the spirits of the hotel but ended up being trapped himself. Last year he was in the middle of the attraction right before the giant goat head man. This year he is in the first room of Altered Nightmares and sets up the story for you as you enter the attraction. This guy’s performance is nothing short of mind-blowing. He actually managed to own everyone else on the planet in just 30 seconds. This is THE GUY that I talk about when I am describing HoH/AN to someone who has never been here.


The fact that they were willing to touch on religion, which is something most haunted attractions don’t have the stones to touch anymore is unique. The sad idea of someone being trapped in there after having gone in with good intentions, and the way this guy delivers his lines, is just CRAZY!

If I ever had a fancy wedding I would ask this guy to officiate first. I am not even joking. We are his biggest fans.

All of the actors in this house are on par with this level of intensity. They do not do their B Game here. Only A Game.

I believe this fellow’s name is Sparky. THIS GUY IS SCARY!


Then THESE THREE OMFG, the girl chased me:



I just named that image “OMFG”. That’s what I named it. You can hover over it with your mouse to prove that to yourself.

Probably by next year I will know more of their names to be able to tell most of them apart. And that is part of the magic of Hotel of Horror / Altered Nightmares – you feel as if the whole damn place is alive year-round.

There is a reason for all of this. Marlo Ambrosio, the owner of this attraction let me know that they have an 85% retention rate of their actors. This is why you can come here on opening night and still get your face rocked off. These guys have been perfecting their characters and their back stories for a year or more. They even just started a blog about some of this. My understanding is that she also lets the actors adjust the room to fit with their stories.

In the haunt industry this is unusual. You see “scary clown”, “scary mask guy”, and “scary chainsaw guy” everywhere. None of them usually have names. Most of them are usually not firing on all of the guns on opening weekend like these guys are because most other haunts are still training their dudes.

It’s gotten to the point that I can’t take any “Top Haunt” list seriously if HoH/AN is not in it. If they aren’t on there get the hell out of my face with your fake list of feeble know-nothing bullshit.

Harknell and I are jaded. We have seen every trick in the book. These guys still obliterated us. We left the attraction and we were SWEATING. He actually ran into my back screaming and knocked his glasses out of alignment at some point in there. I ran and did the “OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT!” screaming dance. HoH/AN is an insane combination of both the scariest haunted attraction I have ever been to coupled with the best implementation I have ever seen. This is classic horror without the modern-day pandering to political correctness and cheesy gimmicks.

OK, I just realized I haven’t even told you about the attractions yet because I am too busy losing my shit here.

This year Hotel of Horror’s theme is The Miner’s Curse. It’s based off of local history. They had some amazing skeleton head miner guys in there with gloves that would click. There also were a lot of women looking for their babies and witches. It was incredibly haunting and well-done.

Altered Nightmares is a house that attracts and captures souls. You get to meet all of them (see above).

For both of these attractions I recommend that you do not race through the rooms. They all have a quick act that they can do for you (which is basically messing with you) – don’t leave before they are done! (as if they would let you!)

One thing that we did not do last year is the Museum Macabre.

It’s only $5 extra so we did it this year. I was very surprised – the museum was EXTENSIVE. Do not miss out on this. They have displays of old school surgical, funeral, and insane asylum equipment.

The room is highly themed as well. This was the ceiling of just one room:



It took us about 15 minutes to get through the entire museum. The staff member was very knowledgeable and even told us some info on the haunt as well.

We were making comparisons to Universal Studios all night because all of the attractions, including the museum, are that high-caliber. We liked it so much that we plan to return later this season just for fun.

If you are a haunt fan at all and you do not do Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares this Halloween season, you are jackassing yourself. DO THIS ONE.

Haunt Review Crew 2013

A last minute haunt was added to our list to be reviewed this past weekend. We went to Saylorsburg PA to review Hotel of Horrors. We reviewed the 2 main attractions, Altered Nightmares and Hotel of Horror- Miner’s Curse. What a pleasant surprise! This place is absolutely insane. What they do is truly a production. There aren’t actors screaming in our ears because they think that’s scary. They carefully act out scenes and calculate when to jump out and what to say to make going to each room flow smoothly and perfectly. Both attractions follow their own storyline and they follow it precisely and perfectly! We’ve seen clowns, demons, ghouls and ghosts in many haunted attractions. This place used their actors perfectly. Things that we are use to and have become numb to actually got us here. The trick is they set the scenes with props and actor placement and lighting so well that you forget you’re in an attraction. You get sucked into this horror movie. They used some of the neatest light tricks ever. Lights on room looks creepy, lights off you feel breathing down your neck, lights on something seems different now, lights off the demons have crept up on you, lights on, BOOM, in your face!!!! Amazinnnnngly done. The priest was ingenious and well played. A favorite from the group was also “sausage” he got us good! We don’t want to give away too much, but honestly the ambiance here and the skill of the people involved just pack the biggest punch ever. We review 10-13 places every year and few places lead us into an argument over who will walk through the attraction first. We all took turns refusing to go because this one was just that wild. The church scene is just down right something out of Hollywood. We actually saw someone requesting their money back because they couldn’t even go In. Didn’t even make it to the inside!!!! To the man who is outside taking our tickets not at all in costume, you were funny and polite and we appreciated your candor about designing things. Everyone we met was beyond nice and so Into what they do there. Also be sure to check out their museum. Real authentic items in there, no replicas! Pretty creepy! With all of this said I must tell you that this place got the 1st and possibly only unanimous vote of all 10s in 2013 from HRC!  This will be the one to beat for top honors this year! Get your butts to Saylorsburg and empty your bladder well before going into this one! A perfect score and possibly a 12 out of 10 if we could! Well done!

IGAR Review 2011 & 2012

2011 REVIEW:

Bekim, Rina, Ris, Dev, Dije, and Brian attended this event in 2011.  Hands down, Hotel of Horror is the scariest haunted attraction I’ve attended.  It featured the best and most elaborate makeup I’ve ever seen as well.  Everyone in my party agreed on both points.  A ghoul with a bloodied/disfigured pigs face stalked the premises, who immediately impressed us with his grotesque and realistic make-up.  We opted to see Altered Nightmares first, which was a twisted take on a dollhouse theme.  It opens at the bottom of a staircase, red light emanating down a long corridor.  They send you through in groups of two, which is much better than some events that attempt to send you in larger pairings.

As soon as we began our ascent, my heart began beating fast.  This place, like none before it, captured something about the element of fear that terrified me even before seeing anything overtly scary.  All the rooms were small and enclosed, which made you dread running into ghouls, since there would be little space to get around/past them.  We saw twisted living dolls, a huge fat man in a baby diaper, and all kinds of well-done characters.  There was a big emphasis on use of the strobe light combined with expert makeup.  It made the characters more terrifying, seeing them in slow motion.  There was no break in the action, and no lulls in the terror.  The length was pretty decent, considering how scary it was.

When we waited on the second line for the Hotel of Horror attraction, a massive 6’6 actor appeared and headed toward the line.  He wore a stitched Leatherface-type apron, was jacked, and had amazing makeup coupled with frightening contacts for added effect.  He carried hatches and hovered menacingly over Brian (which was funny to see, due to the height difference).  He also walked up to Ris and Rina, staring at them in the face from only inches away.  The guy was absolutely horrific.  Once you enter the event, you start off in an elevator shaft that begins to shake uncontrollably, which is unsettling.  Again, this attraction, like Altered Nightmares, featured tons of scary actors with excellent makeup.  It reminded me of the visuals in the movie 13 Ghosts… tortured souls bound in chains, that kind of thing.  One ghoul grated his knives on dangling chains, producing sparks (a very scary-looking dead-ite).  At one part, our group (four of us) entered a room, where immediately at the opposite end (a large room), you see a ghoul dressed in white, standing still.  The lights go out for a brief second, and then the ghoul is closer.  It happens again, closer.  This was a particularly terrifying strategy.  Our group, led by Rina (Rina, Dev, Ris, Myself) stupidly walked into a corner, trying to run to no avail.  This made it even scarier, knowing that the dead-ite was getting closer.  Last time we follow Rina!  In the last room, after a very fear-filled experience, a very large man (who at first is perched on a ledge, going unnoticed) jumps down and panic ensues to escape him.  Two chainsaw ghouls chase you out, your heart pounding harder than ever.

I really have no complaints about this event.  It’s the best done event that I’ve seen, top to bottom, in terms of scare-level, effects, actors, etc.  Its actors also never break character (as some tend to do at these events).  The massive hatchet-man (who taunted Rina/Ris/Brian) saw us at the end too, and said nothing in response to Dije’s remarks about how great his makeup was.  Suddenly, he unsheathes his hatchets and swipes them together, producing a sharp metallic sound.  Freaked us out, cuz they sure looked quite real.


Vlora and Mark (accompanied by friends Scott and Lisa) met up with Dije and Brian in 2012 for this event.  The first thing we all commented on was the elaborate makeup on all of the ‘creatures’.  We opted to do the Hotel of Horror side first and we noted that even the woman letting people into the event was very committed to her role and yelling “FRESH MEAT!!” as she let people in (we talked to her to find out she’s been doing that role for 13 years!).  We enjoyed that the event starts off in a shaky elevator shaft, making you feel a bit unsettled right off the bat.  In this side we also encountered a buzzing floor that surprised all of us.  We liked that there was creepy stuff hanging from the ceiling.  At one point Dije thought my hair was in her face only to find out it was some creepy web from the ceiling instead.  The girl from “The Ring” was in a corner of one of the rooms and if you’ve even seen the movie, you know how scary that is.  One of our favorite parts of this side was the demonic church and anti-religion theme.  There was even an anti-priest preaching things like “Pain is the way to salvation!”  He also yelled at me and said, “Your God is not here!”  The church room itself was very creepy though.  As we neared the end we came across a monster with an incredibly large head which was great as well as a room of saws – which then of course made us anticipate the dreaded chainsaw guy.  He was there, but not really all that active – no chasing – which was a little disappointing after the room of saws.
We next did the Altered Nightmares side.  While in line they were playing some really creepy movie on the screens that showed a guy’s head being drilled straight through!  Eww!  One of our favorite parts of this side was the room where you are told you can’t come out the door you go in.  Then, as you walk into the room it goes dark and you find there is no other door straight ahead.  So you turn around only to be completely surprised by a flash of light where you see a ghoul in a Scream-like mask inches from your face!  The lights go out again.  Another flash.  More ghouls.  But this time you see where the exit is.  You know there will be more flashes and you have to get out of the room, navigating between the ghouls.  Pretty excellent.  This side also had a creepy dollhouse theme with twisted doll monsters, a ‘birth canal’, and a very scary wall with pictures of missing people covered in blood (only to find bodies hanging in the next room) – quite disturbing.

Each side took around 25 mintues to go through, which I feel was a great length.

Haunt Review by Oni Hartstein

Haunt Review by Oni Hartstein

Harknell and I visited Hotel of Horror / Altered Nightmares in Saylorsburg PA on Friday, October 19th.

I have to confess to you that I am dreading writing this review. Why? Because I have so much to say and SO MUCH HAPPENED IN THERE that just thinking about it makes me tired. I am not sure that my words can do it justice.

The TL;DR is that you should be calling out of work, running out the door, and getting on a plane if needed to get to this haunt. Quit your job. I don’t care what you have to do. If you are a haunt fan and you don’t do this one you will regret it. If there is ONE HAUNTED HOUSE you can do this year, this is worth your investment.

HoH has 3 attractions located on the premises.

The unveiling of what horror we have committed on earth to break the seals .Ride on with our Horseman, joining us as we bring forth the End Days.

In observance of the rise of the damned, Altered Nightmares provides apocalyptic mayhem and merriment for your pure torment.

The static displays of history’s experiments in practicing medicine, preparing the dead, and memorializing life. Reality in it’s darkest hour.

We did the Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares and purchased 2 VIP passes to do so. We did not do the Exhibition Macabre.

NOTE: The lines here are VERY LONG so I recommend the VIP option (especially if you want to hit any of the other local haunts that night).

Why are the lines long? Besides the fact that this place is very good, they do not let a “conga line” of people in. Everyone, regardless of ticket level gets placed into the haunt in tiny groups so that you get all of the scares. There will be no noise pollution from neighboring douchebags who want to prove how manly they are by not taking the haunt seriously. You get total silence around your group. I felt this was a very premium experience.

This is near Allentown, PA, which is about a 1.5-2hr drive from where we live in Central New Jersey. Both of the attractions we did have different themes that seemed to organically grow out of each scene. To be honest, I was so taken aback by it all that I’m going to have to talk about both of them as if it were 1 attraction.

to answer your question of, “Which attraction should I do? Hotel of Horror or Altered Nightmares?” the answer is “Yes.”. Don’t just do one. They are both equally strong.

In my opinion, the set design and implementation rival or exceed the efforts of Universal Studios Florida. The actors here are – no joke – a cut above every other haunt’s actors. I haven’t had the chance to speak to anyone in charge so I don’t know the story behind this attraction. I can only guess that they have been doing this for awhile.

I am a tough sonofabitch that is damn hard to scare. I can walk through most of the haunts I am posting about on this site as if its a Spring day. I’ve seen every trick at least 8 times. I can usually predict exactly what will happen in any room of any haunt.

Believe me when I tell you – Hotel of Horror made me lose my mind and go into the psychotic “OH SHIT!” screams complete with waving arms.



I will not tell you what this dapper gentleman does or what his room looks like. I will tell you that this photo does not even begin to show you the full terror. Believe you me – you have to look FAR AND WIDE to find mind-destroying terror that obliterates every facet of your face like Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares does.

These guys are like the Insanity Wolf of haunts. They do not care. They are not afraid to offend, terrify, or otherwise get into your head. Many haunts today are censoring themselves after receiving complaints from delicate customers. This is the only haunt that I have seen that has a few rooms dedicated to a Satanic Ritual complete with bloody preacher, succubi, and a I can’t give this one away to you.

Harknell commented to me that he has never seen a haunt that took the opportunity to use so much space just to set the mood and create lavish vistas. I love this. Too many haunts are afraid of offending people and the industry suffers because of it. Not these guys. At one point a creepy guy threatened to shove his cane up my ass while I was going up the stairs if I didn’t help him move his bowels. Really. These guys have it all. Beauty and brutality. It’s like a modern haunted house with a classic sensibility from back when Horror was Horror and Halloween was the real deal. HoH and AN are not just about startle-scares. It’s about the whole package and that package is brutal as hell.

The most intense scares of the year (or possibly my entire haunt career) were in this place. Have you seen how many haunts I’ve been through?

There was a woman behind us with her boyfriend. Normally the girls scream. This was the only time I’ve seen someone seriously bawling through the entire thing!


Cullen M. Alexandria, Virginia–, 5 Star Rating 10/17/2012

What a great horror attraction!

We went here on a road-trip back home from a wedding this past week and we had a great time!

There are three different attractions; two haunted house tours and a museum.

The haunted houses are both different, but neither has a specific theme that I could tell.  What I liked about the house is that it is an actual (allegedly) haunted house.  Most attractions are in strip malls or in a tent in a field; but this attraction occurs at an old hotel for the nearby lake.  You must make your way through the labyrinthine path up multiple floors…honestly, you never really know where in the house you are.

The actors are all very good; there’s a mix of jumping out at you from an unexpected corner and creeping you out with their macabre questions and statements.  Each room you pass through is markedly different so it doesn’t get stale either.

The great thing about this is the crowd control.  We got at Hotel of Horror on a Friday and it wasn’t crowded at all.  I don’t know how it is when the lines are longer, but they only sent in one group at a time…so if it is just two of you, just you and your friend/significant other go in.  Other places tend to send in a pre-designated number of people and it becomes more like a Disney tour where the actors have no time to reset so you simply walk in a line through the attraction.  Hotel of Horror does a great job at avoiding that.

We never felt rushed either…we had enough time to look at the rooms (which I believe is half of the fun of these places; to see how the rooms are decorated).

The museum is small but very interesting.  They have a wide display of creepy and odd things from insane asylums, murder scenes, funeral homes, etc.  Worth visiting, especially if the lines are long or you need a break in between the two house tours.

Be advised, you will be going up and down stairs throughout your tours.  There are also periods of low light and complete blackout.  The attraction is nearly all indoors (even the lines) so the weather really won’t be a factor.

Saylorsburg isn’t exactly close to the DC area (where we live) but we were glad we came home this way from Massachusetts in order to enjoy this.  If you are near this area or are looking for a great haunted attraction, this is a must!


, For the Pocono Record, October 19, 2012

There are plenty of sinister and spooky goings-on in the Poconos this time of year.
From Swiftwater to Lehighton, Saylorsburg and Blue Mountain, wherever you go, be prepared to scream. So, to set the Halloween mood, I took a photographer and videographer to visit four haunted attractions. Now that we’re back alive, here’s our scorecard.
The Hotel of Horror, featuring Altered Nightmares and Exhibition Macabre

Backstory: The Hotel of Horror, the former Lake House Hotel, is the scene of hell on Earth. After the hotel’s denizens break the seal to hell, those who dare to enter will be trapped as the ghouls, demons and monsters bring forth the End of Days. In observance of the rise of the damned, Altered Nightmares provides apocalyptic mayhem in a psychological fun house bent on the pure torment of innocent humans unfortunate enough to stumble upon the Gates of Hell. The Exhibition Macabre is a private collection of photos, instruments and paraphernalia used through the last three centuries to prepare and honor the dead and memorialize life.

Fear Factor: I’ll admit, this one got me. A great location, since it was an actual hotel alleged to be haunted. The road noise of cars driving by does detract a little from the atmosphere, but the real screams of fleeing patrons plus chain saw revvs from inside the hotel make up for the intrusion of technology. Once inside, the building is scary from start to finish. These are professional actors and it shows. You begin the Hotel tour in an elevator, which bumps and grinds and is almost pitch black. It deposits you into a half-hour tour that not only made me jump and scream at least five times, but, made me run into a wall while trying to keep my eyes locked on the ghoul behind me. The use of complete and utter darkness in many of the rooms for both the Hotel and Nightmares, plus the claustrophia of having to navigate some pretty tight and short spaces just added to my thrumming heart. Even one of the guys with us admitted he was scared a few times. Groups are limited to four people (unless arrangements for larger tours are made), but I suggest sticking with four or fewer. You need to be able to see what’s going on, and being at the back of a group really takes away from the fright factor. And there is a huge fright factor.

Props: First rate. Again, these are pros who know how to do it right. The scariest thing about both the Hotel and Nightmares, which is also housed in a section of the hotel, is that even though you are convinced you know where the monsters are coming from, they still get you. There are way too many doors to keep track of, props suddenly springing to life and rooms that you are convinced contain something “» but don’t, to keep you on your toes for the whole trip. Every room is also expertly curated, from the Black Mass and coffins in the attic to the girls’ bedroom and lady’s sitting room. You just want to stand there and take it all in but if you do, something will come for you.

Actors: These guys are professionals, from persona to makeup. They get in your face and then follow you like white on rice. Not only do you believe them but the makeup is so good that it just adds to the terror. Altered Nightmares was freaky. We got a special tour led by Snort, a towering pig-faced “man?” who, I think, told his kindred cuckoos to spare nothing at our expense. (Thanks, Snort.) Special mentions to the Swan Lake ballerina and her wild makeup, the spider-like straitjacketed patient and the Funhouse Clown, who demands that you touch his stuffed lamb and then “spank the baby” doll. Do it or else.

Vibe: Once you enter the elevator for the Hotel or the subway-tiled basement for Nightmares, you will forget that there’s civilization a few feet outside. It’s that good. Plus, no matter where you are, you can hear other patrons’ screaming. Beware everything because these guys have figured out where you will look or scurry to, and they will prey on your expectations. They had me fooled so many times I lost count. Damn them.

The Exhibition Macabre: Although housed in the same building, this is a separate attraction, offered by Dan and Sam Ritter of Wind Gap. Dan has been collecting mortuary and funeral paraphernalia since he was 15 and the small part of his collection open to the public is impressive. A master cabinetmaker, he also gets kudos for building the cases and other props to highlight his obsession. A big thank you to his wife, black-robed and undead Sam, who took us on a personal tour of everything from a dental chair to medical instruments (tonsillectomies without anesthesia), a mortician’s makeup kit and in-home embalming table plus the piece de resistance: a pre-Civil War horse-drawn hearse sled. Sam’s knowledge plus her fun- and fact-filled delivery were first rate. Take the tour after you do the Hotel and Nightmare so you can catch your breath.

Fear Factor: 5
Props: 5
Actors: 5
Vibe: 5
Total: 5 (although this one really goes to 11)

Marilyn R. White Plains, NY 09/22/2012 5 Star

Great place to go!! Every year we attend haunted houses – halloween season (I have been to MANY) This place is one of the best. $35 Good Price for the experience. Actors are awesome! Read the background history of the hotel…you decide if its truly filled with spirits. The museum part was also good.What we enjoyed was the knowledge The woman (SAM) had on every piece in the museum. We will be attending again with other people. The trip for us is a little over 100miles. The travel is well worth it. Looks simple and run down from the outside but when you get inside its awesome! Enough exits when your inside in case of emergency.  They put lots of work into the rooms and again, Actors were great! 5 stars! Sept 21 2012. These people deserve a review. I want to also say the price isnt bad. Some reviews I have read mention it being expensive. If you think about everything that they have to do to make it a well worth attraction you would understand. As I mentioned before, I attend these attractions every wknd during this season …. price is really good.

Emailed by Drew, October 12th, 2012

Don’t know if I’m sending this to the right place but, I’m a local to the area and quite a haunted house buff.   I finally had a  chance to check out your Hotel of Horrors! It was a quite refreshing experience  and a decent haunted attraction.  (Seems like all the ones I’ve been to lately just haven’t been up to par.)  I enjoyed the actors when you first arrive and was creeped out by the monsters you have entertaining the lines.  There was one part when I even had an actor breathing right now my neck and it shot shivers down my spine.  I thought the layout of the tour and all the different rooms was very well thought out.   The pitch black areas are always my favorite because you never know whats in store for you next.   I did however feel like there were a few missed opportunities which would have made the experience so much more scarier.   Hiding an actor near the floor grabbing at feet or in a ceiling scaring you from above is always unexpected.   Sometimes the best place for an actor is right in the open and most tried to hide in the corner  so you knew where they were all going to jump from.         I just wanted to say I had a great time and will be definitely be coming back next year. Thanks for the scare, Drew

 Emailed by Leslie, September 2012

Opening Weekend!
Every year we attend haunted houses – halloween season (I
have been to MANY) This place is one of the best. $35 Good
 Price for the experience. Actors are awesome! Read the
background history of the hotel…you decide if its truly
filled with spirits. The museum part was also good.What we
enjoyed was the knowledge The woman (SAM) had on every piece
in the museum. We will be attending again with other people.
The trip for us is a little over 100miles. The travel is well
worth it. Looks simple and run down from the outside but when
you get inside its awesome! Enough exits when your inside in
case of emergency.  They put lots of work into the rooms and
again, Actors were great! 5 stars!

October Panic Attack 


Overall Scariest Haunted House

Most Brutal Haunted House

Best Actors

Edgiest Haunted House


Hands down, brutal, very dark, almost evil, nightmarish haunted attraction. When was the last time you saw a stairwell and thought that it was evil? When was the last time you looked at a hallway and thought of the nightmares you had when you were a kid? Amazing sets where you thought you were in hell or in a nightmare. The most disturbing, offensive, crazy stuff that I have scene in a haunted house since the 80’s. This is for the hardcore. You will earn your haunted attraction stripes by doing these attractions.

Mary M.- 10/19/2011

First, the basics for 2011:
-It costs $30 for a combined two-haunt attraction comprising Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares.
-For $5, you can see their exhibit about the macabre and mortuaries and scary things starting with “m”.
-It’s scary as all get-out.

I dragged my ex-boyfriend here on the recommendation of my friends at October Panic Attack, who review all the haunted houses in the tri-state area and know their stuff.

I am a wuss, but pretty hardy about haunted houses. I have never had to stop in the middle of one and be escorted to safety. I think if I didn’t have someone to grab onto here I may have had to resort to that.

The actors do not touch you but they sometimes corner you into a room, stare you down, and prevent you from leaving. When they finally let you leave the room they’ll be at your shoulder. The old hotel the haunt takes place in has a lot of stairways. They’re all clearly marked and the actors don’t harass you on the stairs, which I think is good safety and it’s also a chance to let your heartbeat slow down again and to recover from the ever-mounting anxiety the haunt causes.

There’s so much in here that other haunted houses do not do. I don’t want to spoil anything, but there’s a part that causes intense claustrophobia and makes you think you’re about to drop. Both the entrance and ending of Hotel of Horror are really unique.

I wouldn’t curse, because the actors will single you out for having a “potty-mouth” and then make you their target.

We got there around 6:30 and the lines were negligible. The actors also engage you while you’re in line, which amps up the anticipation. The makeup and costumes were all great.

The only thing I’d suggest for them is maybe not give their characters accents? It can be goofy and distracting.

Otherwise it was worth every penny!

Jennifer P.- 10/03/2011

Just went to the HOH over the weekend! I am actually embarrassed I haven’t heard of this place before, being a Halloween enthusiast. But, I found out about it, and that’s all she wrote.  It was only about an hour ride, and it was easy to find (like another poster wrote). The parking situation was a little off but, ‘sall good. I like that they had ‘bathrooms’ available, food and beverages (including hot cocoa for those cool fall nights hehe). I LOVE the fact that they have a covered line (for a rain or shine event=no cancellation) and even though the ticket booth closes at 11, they make sure everyone gets through!

The old Lake House Hotel is a great setting for this. I love that it’s multi-leveled with many different themed rooms! I only hope that they did keep/use the original old doors, bathroom ‘fixtures’, bar, etc. That would make it so much more unique to have those a part of the show.

The staff were nice, and fun, especially the actors! They kept the line people on their toes and made the line seem faster. The makeup and costumes were so lifelike and realistic looking. No fake masks! All hand painted/Hollywood type stuff! Awesome effects! And like another poster wrote, Altered Nightmares was definitely psychologically scary!!! My fave was the hanging body bags room! I felt like I was in a horror movie! The dolls and clowns were creepy as heck….but cool!

Another favorite part (in HOH) was the ‘spider hallway’. You come down the steps and there’s 3-4 different doors. We had no idea which way to go. Then someone jumped out at us and we saw the hallway around the corner to get out, and we ran! LOL. But it was a nice touch to make you feel lost!As I have said before, I love that there was no Freddy, no Jason, or Leatherfaces chasing u around with a fake chainsaw!  I love the artistic talent that went in to these unique characters! Great Job, and this is my new Halloween tradition, that’s for sure!

Alicia B. – 09/30/2011

I try to get to as many local haunted attractions as I can each year and this is definitely one of the best I have ever been to!   It was about an hour drive but well worth it, and super easy to find which is always a plus.
I still can’t decide which attraction was better.  The hotel was awesome but the altered nightmares/doll house was super creepy on a more psychological level.  I almost forgot to mention the zombies chasing patrons around the parking lot!  AWESOME!  I’ve never seen that done before and it was such a cool touch!
I also checked out the Macabre Museum which turned out to be really neat.  I really enjoyed learning some history regarding funerals, traditions, etc. The hostess there was very knowledgeble and took the time to talk with each patron and answer questions, etc.

Diana S. – 09/28/2011

Hotel of Horror is sure to make you scream! First off, it was once a real hotel, it makes the perfect setting for a haunted attraction. The scenes aren’t cheese-ball corny, either. Great characters, great set-ups, great effects. You absolutely get what you pay for. There will almost always be a long line to get in, but it is really worth the wait.  I actually moved an hour away and you will still see me at the Hotel of Horror year after year!

Andrea S. – 05/31/2011

First, I’ll focus the review on the Hotel itself.  It was probably the scariest experience of my life.  I can’t even put it into words – but if you’re looking for a scare at Halloween, then you need to go here.  And let me tell you – the experience starts when you get out of your car.  I was so scared waiting in line with all of the character interaction that I was HIGHLY DOUBTING I would ever make it inside!  We went on a Sunday night (which was Halloween night) and there was a bit of a line, but some of the most fun parts are when you’re waiting in line!  Characters would quietly sneak up on unexpecting patrons, and then scare they daylights out of them!  And they had classic horror movies playing on TV’s in the waiting area.  And the waiting just builds the suspense even more so you have a scarier time inside!  The actual Hotel inside (from what I saw – had my head in my sweatshirt for a large percentage of our trip) was exteremely well done and unbelievably professional-looking with the special effects – this easily could have been a Disney attraction.  I really can’t put it into words – you just have to go and see for yourself.  We didn’t do Altered Nightmares, which is another attraction within the Hotel (Saw two girls screaming and running for their lives afterward, so yeah, decided against it) but we DID check out the Exhibition Macabre (I think that’s what it was called) which is more of a museum-type display of old funeral equipment and stuff – it was FREAKISHLY awesome!  I love that kind of stuff.


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