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Zombies are all the rage right now, and it seems many people want to try their hand at being one for Halloween. While we can’t (and won’t) tell you all our makeup secrets, here are some tips to help get you moving in the right direction.

You’ll need some essential items to transform your face into the zombie of your nightmares (or everyone else’s nightmares.) First thing’s first – barrier spray is your friend if you plan to use theatrical make up supplies or special effects. This is something you spray onto your clean face with eyes tightly closed before applying spirit gum and prosthetics, latex, grease paints, makeup, or blood. You’ll thank us during the removal process, and when you use spirit gum to glue prosthetics on, make sure to pick up spirit gum remover to help get it off. Barrier spray is also effective in delaying the oils and moisture (meaning sweat) from degrading your efforts from transforming from mere human to brain consuming monster.

The use of latex prosthetics and liquid latex can create some great wounds and facial structure altering effects that will look quite realistic. This is your first step before applying any makeup or blood. Once the effects and wounds are created, pale stage makeup is next, that’s your base. Then paint on some dark circles under your eyes to help create the dead look. Black eye shadow works great for this and keeps your project economical or use some red or purple from a “Bruise Stack or Bruise Wheel” around the area to create a bruised- broken capillary appearance. Once all that is done, it’s time for some blood, and lots of it. Blot it around your hairline, squeeze a blood drenched sponge over your face and create a splatter appearance.

Now that your face is zombified, it’s time to mess up your hair. Tease and hairspray it so it appears like you just pulled your dead and re-animated shell out of the grave after six years of rest. And now it’s time for your costume. Rip it, shred it, fray it and bloody it up! Roll around in some dirt to create the illusion of being a veteran zombie.

With so many variations of zombies, and since it’s not a cookie-cutter type costume, you can really have some fun with it and get creative. Frazetta’s Costumes in East Stroudsburg sells all the supplies you’ll need and can even help guide you a little to help you become the best zombie in town! Tell them you wanna look like the ghouls of the Legendary Lake House Hotel of Horror.


Tonight’s the Night…

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Tonight’s the night!!

At precisely 7 p.m., the doors of the Lake House Hotel will unlock and the residents will be awaiting your arrival. If you are brave enough to visit, keep a few things in mind:

  • It’s scary! So if you don’t like Halloween, horror, blood and guts, being startled, zombies and voodoo, or you feel something inside may offend or upset you, please reconsider your visit to us. We want you to visit, but we want you to want to visit!
  • The actors WILL NOT touch you, so we ask that you do not touch them either.
  • If you find your bravery wears off half way through your visit, ask an actor to escort you out. But remember, there are no refunds and no re-entry.
  • We like extreme scares, so this is for older teens and adults. But we will make exceptions with parental permission.
  • No, you cannot go into either attraction in a group larger than four or five. We want you to get the best experience possible, so smaller groups are best.

We think you’ll have the time of your life, so be ready for screams, laughs, (maybe some crying) and lots of stories to tell. See you tonight!!!

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Ghosts like to party too! So why not have your party at the Lake House Hotel this haunt season? We won’t even charge you for your “invisible guests.”

Having your party at our location will make you one of the cool kids; or should I say ghoul kids? This is new for us this year so be one of the first to party inside our creepy walls. The party room includes the original Lake House Hotel bar area and adjacent party room, and is available on Saturdays and Sundays from September 26 through November 1. Parties start at 4 p.m. and end at 6 p.m. Then head outside for some tailgate fun until the doors open (and trust me, you’ll need that hour to put your big girl panties on and find some bravery to get yourself into the wait line.) Then the best part of the party happens – the screams and terror inside Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares.

The small print: Must have a minimum of 12 people, maximum of 20. You do the set up and tear down of the party room and bring your own snacks, cake and drinks. Alcohol is NOT allowed. Characters are available for an additional fee. The cost for this amazing party opportunity is $40 per person and that includes a combo ticket for Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares for each guest.

Want more info or to book your party? Email us at info@hotelofhorror.com.

The chainsaw revving up is a sound you’ll hear a lot when you visit the Lake House. If you stick around long enough to catch a glimpse of the chainsaw, you might see the blood stains on the tip of the blade. And Archer Watts, the chainsaw operator, wants you to stick around.

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Life in Saylorsburg in the 1960s was rough. Archer was a hard working miner, but all that hard work only led to a few dollars in his pocket each day. Barely able to feed his family led Archer into a deep, dark depression, so he decided the best thing to do was to end his wife and daughters’ misery. His own misery made him feel it was best to save them from the pain of the cruel world they were living in. So late one night when Archer felt even more despair then ever, he suffocated the three most important ladies in his life with their pillows while they slept. In an effort to conceal what he had done, he used a chainsaw to dismember their bodies. He tossed their remains into the back of his 1947 Ford Model A. After having a few too many drinks, Archer proceeded to drive the family car into a large oak tree on the side of the road. Reports say that when help arrived, there was no driver in the vehicle. The only thing left behind were the remnants of the Watts family and the stench of despair.

Archer lies low these days, but on occasion, normally in the fall when the days grow shorter and the night grow colder, he comes to town to drink away his pain. Given his past history and dark moods, he has no problem taking care of anyone who crosses his path. So when you see him at the Lake House, steer clear of him. You’ll know Archer is near by the sound of his chainsaw.

It was always exciting for the town of Saylorsburg to get a visit from the circus each year. The grand spectacle always took place the night before Halloween, and was something everyone looked forward to all year long. So when the train carrying the circus performers derailed near town, everyone was devastated.

Many of the performers were taken to the Lake House Hotel infirmary for treatment of their injuries. One particular performer, Chuckles the Clown, had minor injuries and just needed a few bandages. When he stepped up to the front door, he got a strange feeling that made him think twice about entering. But needing some bandages, he walked through the doors and hoped his bad feeling was nothing.

Once inside the hotel, Chuckles felt a little more uneasy, but wasn’t quite sure why. He talked himself into believing it was just the ordeal he had just been through causing him such extreme nerves. One of the nurses decided he could use something to calm his nerves, so she gave him a shot. It calmed him so much that after he was done getting bandaged, he headed over to the hotel bar for a few drinks in the hopes of finding some fun for the evening. At the bar, he met a group of people who were in town just for the circus. They appeared to be friendly, so the happy clown thought it would be fun to join them.

Being big circus lovers, the group of friends were really upset about the show being canceled because of the train accident. So when Chuckles told him that he’s one of the performers, he thought they would welcome him into the circle of friends. But instead, they taunted him for not being able to perform and ruining their plans. One of the group members slipped something into his drink and then while he drank it, pretended to be disgusted by her friend’s attitudes and invited him up to her room to show him all her circus memorabilia from the previous years’ shows. He gladly obliged and they went up to the room together. Before they made it to the room, two of the other group members ran up to the room and hid. That’s when things went from bad to worse for Chuckles the clown, who was starting to feel dizzy and out of sorts.

Invited into the room, Chuckles sat down and relaxed as his new “friend” went in search of her circus memorabilia. It was that moment that everything went black for Chuckles. He was knocked over the head and dragged into the bathroom where the evil friends murdered the poor unsuspecting clown. As he began to slip into his death, he let out his last hearty clown laugh so that it would stick into the evil circus lovers’ heads for an eternity. The poor fun-loving clown is now trapped in the Lake House Hotel and waits for his murderers to come back for a visit. In the process, he laughs and taunts everyone who passes through his room.

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He may be small, but don’t let his size fool you. Papa Snort taught him well and is never too far away. No one messes with Bacon Bit and lives to tell.

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Maybe you remember Snort Gore’s story. The short version is Joe, aka Snort Gore, witnessed a horrific crime happening in a room at the Lake House Hotel where his mom worked as a maid. Because he knew too much, the man who committed the crime decided to make sure Joe didn’t tell anyone about his discovery. Joe was beaten to the brink of death and left to die at a local hog farm down the road from the Lake House Hotel. The hogs tore Joe’s flesh piece by piece while Joe’s lifeless body had no choice but to accept his dreadful fate. He felt every bite and began to slip away feeling the darkness closing around him. He felt the energy of his deceased father enter his soul and the pain left. Joe opened his eyes and found himself no longer at the hog farm but in the basement of the hotel. After looking in a mirror, Joe realized he was no longer Joe and was trapped in the body of a man with the face of a hog. Shortly after realizing that this is his afterlife and there was no escape, he found a little boy lurking the halls of the hotel who looked just like him. This little boy also had a human body and face of a hog. He was all alone wandering the hotel, so Snort Gore decided to take him in and treat him as his own.

Bacon Bit’s story isn’t unlike Snort Gore’s. In his former life as a 7-year-old named Alexander, he was caught up in the middle of a vicious crime right outside of the Lake House Hotel where his family was staying on vacation. Alexander was walking with his father when they witnessed a man wearing a mask threatening a woman with a knife. Next thing Alexander knew, he was waking up in the hog farm surrounded by hogs. After a few minutes of the hogs taking bites out of Alexander, he passed out and later awoke in the Lake House Hotel in the form of half boy, half hog. He thought he was alone – until he saw Snort Gore.

The two can be seen walking in and around the Lake House Hotel often. Papa Snort, as Bacon Bit calls him, is very protective of his “son” so beware if you come into contact with the boy. Like a mama bear to her cubs, Snort Gore has an incredible will to protect Bacon Bit and will take your soul if you mess with his boy.

Bacon Bit is only seen at the hotel on certain nights because he is still just a young boy, even if he has a terrifying face of a hog. (Check Facebook for updates on when Bacon Bit will be making an appearance with Papa Snort.)

“You go first.”

“No, you go first.”

“It’s really dark in there.”

“Did you hear something?”

Scream. Sob. Run. Laugh. (The laughter was from the friends who won’t be laughing last.)

These are just a few of the things you may hear while visiting Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares. The sights and sounds start the minute you pull into the parking lot; and that’s just the beginning of your haunted journey in Saylorsburg.

Every haunt season brings a new theme to each side of the infamous 200-year-old Lake House Hotel. This year, the house will be filled with zombies and voodoo around every twist and turn of the dark halls.

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Hotel of Horror features “Zombie’s Revenge” this season. Zombies are often portrayed as slow-moving creatures only after flesh and brains. But these zombies aren’t exactly like that. The roles have been reversed and it’s time for the zombies to have some fun revenge on the people of Saylorsburg. Altered Nightmares brings you to a different world; the realm of voodoo priestesses, witch doctors and a guy named Zeke. (Heed my words – don’t mess with Zeke.) Altered Nightmares puts you in a world filled with the manipulative and conjuring of spirits from the beyond. Voodoo rituals and dances may keep your attention, but watch your back or you may end up a sacrifice.

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In between haunted attractions, stop in Exhibition Macabre to catch your breath and learn a little about some of the more unusual pieces in history – the untold stories from the dark side. The static display museum features many different funeral, prison, mental asylum and medical displays you won’t find in just any museum.

Oh, if only the walls could talk. Once you make it through the house, you’ll have your own stories to tell. That is – if you make it through the house. Enter at your own risk. Exit if the occupants allow.

Opening night is Saturday, Sept. 20. This season’s complete schedule can be found on our web site – www.hotelofhorror.com.