Lights Out!

Posted: October 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Lights Out Tour- Just You, The Building, and The Blackness- NO ACTORS!

You will feel your senses begin to sharpen with every turn as you journey deeper into the ponderous abyss of the infamous Lake House Hotel. You will begin to feel as if you are being watched as the darkness layers around you. The shadows of the past live rich lives inside this turn of the century hotel, dancing from room to room. Will her secrets surface in the sounds of your own beating heart? Will time slow around you long enough so you may hear the breathing whispers of this house?

Being offered on mischief night only – experience what only a few have encountered – lights out in the Lake House Hotel of Horror. This is a NO ACTOR EVENT. Souvenir flashlight is provided for you to keep. No actors, no special effects lighting or sound, no animatronics.

Limited number of tickets will be sold for the October 30 event. This may sell out. Box office reserves the right to close location sales in the event that sales have reached their limit. Ensure your spot by purchasing advance tickets on TicketLeap at

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