Exhibition Macabre!

Posted: September 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

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“It’s not a boring museum; it’s one creepy ass museum.”

That’s how Exhibition Macabre owner “Dead Dan” describes it. The museum, housed in the original front parlor of the infamous Lake House Hotel, is celebrating its fifth year educating and entertaining horror fans on disturbing pieces of history collected over the span of many years. With more than 100 pieces on display, there are lots of stories to tell.

“The stuff we have isn’t something you pick up at Wal-Mart,” said Dan. “I’ve always wanted a horse-drawn hearse. When I got the opportunity to get some smaller things, it just grew from there. I’ve been collecting for over 15 years and I’m still collecting stuff here and there.”

So what’s in this “creepy ass museum” you might wonder. Exhibition Macabre is a private collection filled with mental asylum, prison, medical and funeral artifacts and antiques. While in the museum, you’re intrigue will peak at the displays of some very old medical tools, tools that helped prepare the dead, pieces from an old prison and real remains. And Dan’s wife is there to help bring your imagination to a whole new level with actual stories about certain displays. Her animated descriptions will help you learn a little about some very interesting artifacts that you probably didn’t even know existed.

“I started out collecting funeral stuff, and after I got a great collection, I wanted to pull in other areas. Then I got a prison door from the 1700s and then mental institution and medical things,” said Dan. “I add new stuff to the collection every season and enhance what’s already there. We look for stuff with a really interesting story.”

When asked what the most interesting piece is, Dan can’t just pick one. He not only has back stories on many of the pieces, but he also has some funny stories about obtaining them.

“The weirdest thing was at the Saylorsburg flea market. I bought a funeral urn. It’s marble and I bought it for $40. I was taking it home and it opened in my truck and spilled out a little. We call him Fred,” he said. “I always buy things in paper bags at the flea market. I have skulls in paper bags.”

Many visitors will visit the museum in-between screaming through Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares. Exhibition Macabre serves as a great buffer area to calm the nerves before entering the terror zone again.

“It’s great to be an in-between stop,” Dan said. “Check out Hotel of Horror or Altered Nightmares and then see us before going to the other side. We’re a good package deal. And make sure you look at everything and learn a little, because it’s history; the dark side of history.”

What started out in a 10-by-10 tent at Altered Nightmares in Weissport has now found a home in the infamous Lake House Hotel of Horror, and Dan is more than happy that he gets to do this year after year.

“It was a fast five years. I always said if I did this I wanted to get a couple of years out of it,” Dan said. “As long as people enjoy it, that’s what it’s all about. We’re teaching history, and it’s not a boring museum. It’s a creepy ass museum and this has been a crazy ride.”


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