It was always exciting for the town of Saylorsburg to get a visit from the circus each year. The grand spectacle always took place the night before Halloween, and was something everyone looked forward to all year long. So when the train carrying the circus performers derailed near town, everyone was devastated.

Many of the performers were taken to the Lake House Hotel infirmary for treatment of their injuries. One particular performer, Chuckles the Clown, had minor injuries and just needed a few bandages. When he stepped up to the front door, he got a strange feeling that made him think twice about entering. But needing some bandages, he walked through the doors and hoped his bad feeling was nothing.

Once inside the hotel, Chuckles felt a little more uneasy, but wasn’t quite sure why. He talked himself into believing it was just the ordeal he had just been through causing him such extreme nerves. One of the nurses decided he could use something to calm his nerves, so she gave him a shot. It calmed him so much that after he was done getting bandaged, he headed over to the hotel bar for a few drinks in the hopes of finding some fun for the evening. At the bar, he met a group of people who were in town just for the circus. They appeared to be friendly, so the happy clown thought it would be fun to join them.

Being big circus lovers, the group of friends were really upset about the show being canceled because of the train accident. So when Chuckles told him that he’s one of the performers, he thought they would welcome him into the circle of friends. But instead, they taunted him for not being able to perform and ruining their plans. One of the group members slipped something into his drink and then while he drank it, pretended to be disgusted by her friend’s attitudes and invited him up to her room to show him all her circus memorabilia from the previous years’ shows. He gladly obliged and they went up to the room together. Before they made it to the room, two of the other group members ran up to the room and hid. That’s when things went from bad to worse for Chuckles the clown, who was starting to feel dizzy and out of sorts.

Invited into the room, Chuckles sat down and relaxed as his new “friend” went in search of her circus memorabilia. It was that moment that everything went black for Chuckles. He was knocked over the head and dragged into the bathroom where the evil friends murdered the poor unsuspecting clown. As he began to slip into his death, he let out his last hearty clown laugh so that it would stick into the evil circus lovers’ heads for an eternity. The poor fun-loving clown is now trapped in the Lake House Hotel and waits for his murderers to come back for a visit. In the process, he laughs and taunts everyone who passes through his room.

unnamed (26)


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