He may be small, but don’t let his size fool you. Papa Snort taught him well and is never too far away. No one messes with Bacon Bit and lives to tell.

unnamed (25)

Maybe you remember Snort Gore’s story. The short version is Joe, aka Snort Gore, witnessed a horrific crime happening in a room at the Lake House Hotel where his mom worked as a maid. Because he knew too much, the man who committed the crime decided to make sure Joe didn’t tell anyone about his discovery. Joe was beaten to the brink of death and left to die at a local hog farm down the road from the Lake House Hotel. The hogs tore Joe’s flesh piece by piece while Joe’s lifeless body had no choice but to accept his dreadful fate. He felt every bite and began to slip away feeling the darkness closing around him. He felt the energy of his deceased father enter his soul and the pain left. Joe opened his eyes and found himself no longer at the hog farm but in the basement of the hotel. After looking in a mirror, Joe realized he was no longer Joe and was trapped in the body of a man with the face of a hog. Shortly after realizing that this is his afterlife and there was no escape, he found a little boy lurking the halls of the hotel who looked just like him. This little boy also had a human body and face of a hog. He was all alone wandering the hotel, so Snort Gore decided to take him in and treat him as his own.

Bacon Bit’s story isn’t unlike Snort Gore’s. In his former life as a 7-year-old named Alexander, he was caught up in the middle of a vicious crime right outside of the Lake House Hotel where his family was staying on vacation. Alexander was walking with his father when they witnessed a man wearing a mask threatening a woman with a knife. Next thing Alexander knew, he was waking up in the hog farm surrounded by hogs. After a few minutes of the hogs taking bites out of Alexander, he passed out and later awoke in the Lake House Hotel in the form of half boy, half hog. He thought he was alone – until he saw Snort Gore.

The two can be seen walking in and around the Lake House Hotel often. Papa Snort, as Bacon Bit calls him, is very protective of his “son” so beware if you come into contact with the boy. Like a mama bear to her cubs, Snort Gore has an incredible will to protect Bacon Bit and will take your soul if you mess with his boy.

Bacon Bit is only seen at the hotel on certain nights because he is still just a young boy, even if he has a terrifying face of a hog. (Check Facebook for updates on when Bacon Bit will be making an appearance with Papa Snort.)


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