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Here at The Legendary Lake House Hotel of Horror, we feel that personal creativity is of great value and should be celebrated. Our characters are given the creative freedom to develop and nurture their characters- some do it over the course of the season and some over the course of many many years.  Last year we started a tradition of sharing with you the stories behind the characters if the performer was so inclined to submit the story for our blog. These stories are featured under the page called Haunters here in our blog. These stories are for the serious fans- as we know we have them, as we should. More dedication and passion are committed to this production than is sanely necessary but we would not have it any other way. Here at the Infamous Lake House Hotel of Horror- if we are busy running the attraction or NOT committing the taboo of stepping out of character and speaking- We wish you a Happy Halloween and please know when we hear you say- “You have the Best Job EVER!”- in our minds we are silently screaming back at you- “YES WE DO!”



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