As you probably already know, every year at the Lake House offers a different experience. While you will see many of the same characters year after year, they may alter their appearance a bit to fit a theme. And of course, they redesign their “room” to match the theme. So I’m sure you are wondering what this year’s terrifying, scream-worthy themes will be, right? Below is a little bit of information to get you started – starting with the pre-visit nightmares, all the way to the moment you run out of the house clinging to whatever human is near you.

Let’s start with Hotel of Horror – “Miner’s Curse.” The “Witch House.” Every neighborhood has one. You know – the house that has a life of its own. It’s usually the one house on the block that’s falling apart and has a creepy feel to it. The one you just know something more is going on in there than meets the eye. This house is often gravely misunderstood, and typically attracts all kinds of attention. The infamous Lake House Hotel has been whispered to be many things. It fits the description of a “witch house” in more ways than one. In the late 1800s, the house was used as offices and shelters for mine workers. An unaccountable amount of deaths resulting from mining accidents occurred. The ladies of the Lake House Hotel provided well for the men; hidden deep in the mountains undetected by the masses in exchange for the simple blood shed and harvesting of those mortal souls. Their chants can still be heard in the stagnant air of unfinished business.

Now it’s time to cross over into the insane realm of Altered Nightmares with “20 13 Ghosts.” No one knew in 1891 when they began mining the rare white clay found in Saylorsburg, that they would be building the most notorious ghost house in the Northeast region. Not only was this a breeding ground for entrapped energy, but also a beacon for displaced souls. Upon entering Altered Nightmares, you will see and feel the remnants of a tragic past being depicted. This isn’t advisable for the weak, so enter at your own risk. And never turn your back. Ever.

Maybe you like the idea of scary, but are too scared to really see what you’re made of. Perhaps visiting the Exhibition Macabre first is the right way to go. It gets you into the house, but not in the center of the terrifying insanity that occurs within the walls. This is a museum of a private collection in the original front parlor of the Lake House Hotel. It contains artifacts and antiques – medical, funeral, prison, asylum and real remains. This is for the curious, the intrigued, and those who would like a close up view of the static displays of history’s experiments in medicine and death. It’s truly reality in its darkest hour.

Something new to the Lake House this year is “Lights Out Tour!” It’s just you, the house, and the never ending darkness. Or is it? No “hired” actors will be in there waiting for you to turn a corner, but we cannot promise that you’re in there alone. Your senses will sharpen, and you’ll feel like you’re being watched. This is being offered for the first time in history, so make sure to experience what only a few lucky ones have.

Now that you know a little about what the 2013 Halloween season holds for you, are you ready to experience the time of your life?


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